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Tips for Moving Abroad

Everyone wants to see the world, right? Traveling is one thing, but how often do you get an opportunity to live in another country on your own learning what it takes to be a patron of the world? Become multilingual! Having a good worldview can help you become not only a good citizen of your previous country but of the world! Help yourself become a well-rounded human being with these tips from expats on moving abroad. 

Make sure to pack light, and give yourself time to get acquainted with your area.

One thing people tend to forget when moving abroad is there are places to purchase clothing! So really, you only need to bring the necessities and enough clothes to last you until you buy a whole new wardrobe. I mean, most people change clothes every couple of months anyway, right? Another important thing to remember is that you aren’t supposed to be an expert on the place you are moving to. Let yourself become acquainted with your city, and try to learn as much as possible! Say yes to most things, and keep an open mind. You may not settle in right away, but that is okay, too!

Make new friends

If you find out that its hard to navigate, or you just feel really left out, the best thing to do is befriend the people that live there already. They can help you learn the language if you don’t already know it, and they’ll give you tips of the best places to eat and to go through your daily routines. It may sound hard, but that's what these adventures abroad are about right?

Do research

Before you leave, make sure you know what you can buy or not do in the city or town you are moving to. For example, if you are having a serious case of culture shock you should bring some things that are familiar with you that you may not be able to get abroad. If you need to fill a prescription, and the pharmacies where you now live cannot fill them for you, ALWAYS be prepared.

 Follow some of these tips, and you will be on your way to becoming a functioning adult in the country and city of your choice.

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