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America Looks North as Jokes Run Dry

Canada Welcomes Skilled WorkersAmericans love to use the phrase, "I'm moving to Canada." They think it's the perfect way to explain their discontent with an issue -- equating it to the hassle of an international move. Having a fight with your parents? Move to Canada. Your favorite makeup was discontinued? Move to Canada. You don't like the president? Certainly that warrants a threat to move to Canada!

Whatever their reasoning, authentic or just to complain, Americans cross our northern border now more than ever. What pushed them to action? Why are they finally following through? Canada has a lot to be proud of. We are a diverse nation with a progressive government, and we can boast great health care and energy efficiency. Maybe Americans realize their threat was actually a solution.

U.S. leader Donald Trump campaigned on a platform of hate and bigotry. He promised to "Make America Great Again" by forcing establishments to create more employment on their home soil. However, because business executives, doctors, and tech entrepreneurs are all fleeing the country, companies plan to relocate offices in order to circumvent the travel ban. Trump's original idea is backfiring. Microsoft and Amazon suggest some maneuvering in the near future, and True North sprung up in the Silicon Valley to protect foreign born employees.

True North aims to create a community as the uncertainty of immigration continues across the United States. The program provides paperwork for individuals to work and live legally in Canada while also setting them up with a similar occupation. For several thousand dollars, True North will fly employees to Vancouver to meet with an immigration professional, so they can organize their future.

Richard Kurland, a Vancouver immigration attorney, said, "We haven't seen an influx of talent like this ... since China in 1989. Tiananmen Square, remember? We had China's top minds, its scientists and engineers, fleeing from turmoil. Quite a few of them landed up here. That was the last time we saw a deluge of applications motivated by fear."

What do you think? Will the influx of highly educated Americans help our economy?

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